February Landscape Care Tips for Oregon

In the unique climate of Oregon, February stands as a critical month for landscape management, bridging the final phase of winter and the onset of spring. For those working with Bumgardners Landscape Management or tending their gardens in Southern Oregon, this period demands specific attention to prepare the landscape for the blooming season ahead. Here […]

Using Plants to Provide Shade and Coverage

Whether you’re looking to keep people cool on a hot summer’s day or to shelter them from bad weather, plants can be a great option. These plants will protect not just your visitors but also the rest of your landscaping, providing shade and coverage to anyone and anything that needs it. Here are some ways […]

Keeping Your Plants Safe from Heat

Oregon is no stranger to hot summers, and this weather can be harmful to your garden and landscaping. Keep an eye on your plants, and keep them safe from these risks associated with too much heat and sun. Impact of Heat Sunlight and warmth may be good for plants, but only to a point. Just […]

What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper

Keeping your business looking beautiful on the outside helps draw attention. However, the same can be said for when your outdoor spaces aren’t beautified — you likely aren’t getting good attention. If you’re thinking about hiring a landscaper for your business, make sure you’re asking the right questions.  Keep these questions in mind as you […]

The Two Types of Mulch

Mulch is a great addition to care for your landscaping, but it’s not all created equally. There are two types of mulch you need to learn about, as well as different sub-categories within those types. Understanding the kinds of mulch you can use will help your landscaping thrive.  Organic Mulch Organic mulch is a broad […]