Keeping Your Plants Safe from Heat

Oregon is no stranger to hot summers, and this weather can be harmful to your garden and landscaping. Keep an eye on your plants, and keep them safe from these risks associated with too much heat and sun.

Impact of Heat

Sunlight and warmth may be good for plants, but only to a point. Just like humans and animals need to find ways to keep cool during hot days, your plants are also at risk when temperatures get too high. 

Plants get stressed when it’s hot, and this stress can limit how well a plant will be able to grow. They’ll photosynthesize less and take in less carbon dioxide, which means stunted growth and a garden that won’t thrive. Germination also decreases when things get too warm, so you’ll have difficulty growing anything new. 

Heat can also evaporate the water and dry the soil, leaving your plants thirsty. Dehydrated plants can quickly become dead, especially if the water is desiccated from the leaves too quickly.

Protecting Your Plants

Luckily, your plants don’t have to become victims of the heat. Here are some things you can do:

  • Apply a good amount of mulch to keep the roots safe and the soil moist.
  • Water early, when the sun isn’t as high, to maximize how much water your plants can get.
  • Water consistently so your plants don’t have to wait too long for more water.
  • Provide natural shade in the form of trees, taller plants, beach umbrellas, shade cloth, or more. 

The key is to continue to care for your garden while defending it from the worst of the sun.

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