Using Plants to Provide Shade and Coverage

Whether you’re looking to keep people cool on a hot summer’s day or to shelter them from bad weather, plants can be a great option. These plants will protect not just your visitors but also the rest of your landscaping, providing shade and coverage to anyone and anything that needs it. Here are some ways you can achieve this and some ideas on what to plant.

Plant Trees in the Correct Places

Because the sun rises from the east, you’ll get the best shade at the most important hours by planting a tall tree in the southward direction of the property. This will create shade when the sun is at its highest and hottest. 

However, if you need to plant smaller trees, they should instead be planted in the west to block the afternoon sunlight while the sun sets.

In both cases, using deciduous trees is best to get some sunlight in the colder months. Some native trees that work well for this include maple, ash, and alder trees. 

Use Sunflowers

Sunflowers are named as such not just for being tall, bright, and yellow; they also thrive in full sunlight. This means that you can use this to protect lower-lying plants from the sun and grow a batch of flowers that will enhance the look of your property and attract pollinators. 

Hanging Vines

One cool idea is to attach hanging vines to a pergola, which visitors can walk under. It will offer plenty of shade while allowing these plants to thrive and be a fun addition to your commercial property. Some native options include the evergreen clematis, the beautiful jasmine, and the hanging wisteria. 

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