Our Roots

Bumgardners Landscape Management, Inc. is a family-owned and operated full-service landscape management business providing environmentally-responsible solutions for the commercial landscapes and family gardens of Oregon.

Our heritage runs as deep as our roots. Bumgardner means orchard in German. From the first members of our family who grew and harvested crops from the rich farmlands of Northern Europe, to the landscape professionals who take care of the gardens of southern Oregon today, the family name signifies our passion for nourishing what grows.



Our Growth

Starting with a pickup, a few rakes, a shovels, and a used lawnmower, Rod Bumgardner started Bumgardners Landscape Management in 1993 with only one goal: To provide superior quality and personal service to enhance the beauty, life, and health of his customers’ landscapes.

As his business and reputation grew, he enlisted the help of his sons, Bill and Rod Jr., to share his business and philosophy of providing quality, service and workmanship.

From the beginning, Bumgardners Landscape Management vowed to have a technical staff and horticultural crew that was the very best, but our standards were high and our legacy demanding. Over time we met and hired great people and developed a terrific team of competent, experienced landscape maintenance specialists, committed to providing customers with the highest quality of service.

Our Future

We are in business to serve you for the long-term, to take care of your gardens and landscapes and watch them grow. We are committed to providing you with healthy green spaces that optimize where you live, work and play. We strive to build loyalty and trust with the companies and families we serve, and value the longevity of the relationships we’ve made.

We believe we’re successful at this because we answer the phone. We’re accessible. We keep the line of communication open so you know what you’re getting at all times. And we work to ensure that what you’re getting is the best.

So far, it seems to have worked. We’re proud of the number of customers who are still with us today who were with us from the beginning. And we’re looking forward to having them with us for many years to come.


How can we help you?

Bill Bumgardner Owner

I started in the green industry by chance in 1993. Being married only a couple of years and a baby girl on the way I needed the extra money. At the time, my father worked for a local landscape company performing landscape management. They needed help, he recommended me, I needed money, and that is how my passion for landscaping began.

My father left the company a short while there after and started his own landscape management business. I worked for the local company for a couple more years, while helping my father on the weekends start his business. My father eventually grew it large enough to support both of us and I left to work with him exclusively. During this time I met the standards to sit for the Oregon Landscape Contractors exam. Probably being the most difficult exam I have ever taken in my life, I passed in 1998. After which my father and I began to do licensed landscape construction and irrigation work, while growing our landscape management business.

My father retired from the business about 10 years ago and I have the privilege of working with my brother and partner Rod. Twenty-three years of marriage to Becki, the love of my life and our three daughters later I still love this work.

26 Years Industry Experience
Licensed Landscape Professional – All Phases
Certified Pesticide Applicator
Landscape Industry Certified Manager

Rod Bumgardner Owner / Master Gardener

21 Years Industry Experience and Certified Pesticide Applicator







We’d like you to join our family of satisfied customers.

If you’re looking for a safety-driven, pro-active, reliable, on-time landscape contractor who is supremely skilled at general grounds maintenance, irrigation management, lawns, trees, seasonal color displays and floral beds, please give us a call today. We’ll come right out and talk about what’s important to you and how we can make it happen.

Good relationships are the root of our success.