Irrigation System Installation & Repair


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Landscaping often proves vital to increasing a home’s aesthetic appearance. Attributes like curb appeal can even impact homeowners’ ability to sell their homes. However, many issues play into optimal landscaping maintenance. One such matter is a functioning irrigation system. Grass, flowers, and shrubbery that do not receive an adequate water supply at all times stand at increased risk of ailing and losing their lush, colorful, and inviting content.

In such instances, the need for irrigation repair becomes paramount and immediate. Bumgardners Landscape, which provides services like landscape maintenance, construction, and irrigation installation to the residents of Southern Oregon, invites current and prospective customers to read the following brief blog discussing the process of irrigation troubleshooting.

Irrigation System Overview

Many homeowners with moderate to expansive lawns and other landscaping keep said plant life hydrated by employing underground irrigation systems. Water is administered to various floral designs through dispensers called sprinklers. However, the complete system is typically comprised of other pertinent features, such as a supply pipe that is attached to a water source and a valve box for which the pipe is connected to.

Each sprinkler is set up in a specific irrigation zone, operated through an apparatus known as a zone valve. These valves control the amount of water administered and dispense liquid in accordance with electronically programmed schedules. Once the zone valves open, said items transmit water to the sprinkler heads, which spray the substance on surrounding plant life.

Irrigation Troubleshooting

Potential problems can occur with any systemic component. Specific signs that irrigation repair may be necessary include:

Water Pressure Issues: Water pressure must be executed in moderation. Diminished pressure will not provide enough water for adequate hydration, while excessive pressure could oversaturate or damage the landscaping. Pressure issues can often be attributed to faulty zone valves or damaged irrigation pipes.

Malfunctioning Sprinkler Heads: Sprinkler head malfunctions might indicate several underlying problems. Occasionally, sprinklers that do not emit significant quantities of water or dispense inconsistent concentrations could be symptomatic of a valve or piping issue. However, sprinkler heads that are cracked, chipped, or clogged by debris like dirt, dust, or allergens might fail to perform optimally.

Uneven Water Distribution: If a homeowner notices that portions of their grass or other landscaping components become oversaturated while other areas seem dry, any potential systemic maladies could exist. Arguably, the most common reason for this occurrence is a leak at some juncture in the system. That said, uneven water distribution might also result from failing sprinkler heads or improper zone settings.

Dripping Valves: Properly functioning valves should never drip. Should this happen, there is a good chance said items have been infiltrated by debris like grass clippings or dirt. Over time, these environmental byproducts could precipitate damage that eventually causes leaks.

Unusually High Water Costs: For Homeowners who find that their monthly water bills suddenly skyrocket, a leak somewhere along their irrigation system is a distinct possibility. If left unchecked, this problem will only worsen, resulting in more exorbitant expenses and, possibly, property or landscaping damage.

Dirty Water: Homeowners who notice dirty or discolored water emanating from sprinkler heads are strongly encouraged to consult with an irrigation troubleshooting specialist. Said occurrence might be attributed to aging, rusty, or failing pipes and systemic leakages that enable dirt or other substances to mix with water. Dirty water can harm associated landscaping. Ergo, this problem should be addressed immediately.

Contacting Bumgardners Landscape Management

Property owners who notice any of the preceding issues are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. Our team has more than 30 years of landscaping, maintenance, and construction, as well as irrigation installation experience. We can thoroughly evaluate the system in question, identify potential problems and formulate the most appropriate remediation plan.