Irrigation System Installation & Repair


If you are exhausted from spending hours watering the plants in your garden holding a hose in your hand, then you will surely benefit by installing a sprinkler system. It is one of the best ways to save money, water and time.

Why install a sprinkler system in your garden?

The major benefit of choosing a sprinkler system is that these ensure even distribution of water. It promises convenience and makes it easier to water a lawn. A sprinkler system is a virtual necessity in very large lawns. You save your energy and time while opting for automated watering systems.

Here are some other reasons why you need to consider installing an irrigation or sprinkler system.

Safety and aesthetics: There is nothing attractive about having a garden hose stretching throughout your lawn. If you don’t put the hose aside after watering your plants, then it can prove to be a tripping hazard for pets and children playing in the yard. Automatic sprinkler systems on the other hand pop out of the ground. They disappear once they are finished. This makes them both safe and aesthetically pleasing options.

Water at the optimal time: Watering should always be done when the sun is down. This minimizes the rate of evaporation. Also, watering in the morning curtails the spread of any disease that can result if the lawn remains wet all night.

Watering while you are not in town: If you are on a vacation but cannot bear to see your lawn turning yellow on your return, then installing an automatic sprinkler will prove to be beneficial. It will also eliminate the need to request help from neighbors.

Increases property value: As per real estate experts, a vibrant and healthy lawn is a major selling point for any home buyer. Having an automated system adds to the convenience and also boosts the selling price of your home. Utilizing the efficiency and precision of a sprinkler unit is a cost-effective way of maintaining an appealing landscape. Moreover, it also saves money and time.

Choosing the right irrigation system

It is crucial to decide which sprinkler system would be the most beneficial for your landscape. There are two broad categories when it comes to sprinkler systems: low flow and high flow. The right system can be decided based on the requirements of your garden.

Drip sprinkler: A drip system can be beneficial if your plants require a small amount of water for a long period. This system dispenses a minimal amount of water. It can be either controlled manually or the entire process can be automated.

Overhead sprinkler: Overhead sprinklers are ideal for plants that demand more water. If you notice different patches of grass in your lawn, then an overhead sprinkler can prove to be a great solution. These systems deliver a uniform amount of water to all the plants within their reach. No region would receive more or less water in comparison to another.

Rely on experts to keep your lawn grass greener all year round

We offer professional irrigation system installation, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance services. Our trained professionals will help you pick the right solution for your requirements. We offer assistance with

  • Sprinkler design and installation
  • Preventive maintenance and repairs
  • Sprinkler head replacements and repairs
  • Sprinkler timer replacements
  • Sprinkler timer adjustments
  • PVC piping repairs
  • Valve repair and installation
  • Underground electric valve troubleshooting
  • Fall shutdowns and spring startups

We can also help you optimize your watering schedule by factoring in the climate. We have years of experience and we know how to coordinate the irrigation systems in the best possible way. We consider both rainfall and temperature while installing and maintaining irrigation systems.

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An efficient sprinkler system design, as well as installation, makes a massive difference when it comes to preserving and maintaining your landscape. Leave the task to us and our experts will help you set up an efficient system in your garden. We offer competitive pricing solutions without compromising with quality.

Maintaining a lush green lawn doesn’t have to be a chore. Ditch the hose and reap the advantages of installing a sprinkler system for your landscape.

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