Why You Need to Winterize Your Commercial Irrigation System

Summer’s not over just yet, but looking ahead to the fall now helps prepare you for what’s to come. It’s easy for things to fall to the wayside when it comes to necessities, but forgetting your irrigation lines can be a major mistake that can cost you. 

Consider the Cost

When you forget to winterize irrigation systems, major damage can happen to the lines, causing them to be very seriously damaged and even totally ruined. Putting the lines in, to begin with, was likely a major expense, so think about what it might look like now to have them repaired or replaced. The process will be time-consuming, and the monetary cost can also be alarming. Instead, make sure that the systems are winterized to avoid this issue.

Prevent Additional Damage

Cold temperatures can lead to all kinds of issues. Like pipes that aren’t properly insulated and freeze and then burst, irrigation systems can do the same thing. While the initial glaring cost is about repairing or replacing these lines, consider how much damage burst pipes can do to other pieces of property, particularly basements. A flooded basement is no joke.

Keep Your Landscape Looking Great

Replacing and repairing irrigation lines can be a significant blight on the look of your landscape. Big trenches being dug equipment all over while new lines are put in can be a significant detriment to your space and how professional your commercial landscape looks. Taking a few preventative steps helps you avoid all the headaches and ugliness of the work it takes to replace irrigation lines.

Rather than letting an unfortunate circumstance catch you off guard, let the team at Bumgardners make sure that your irrigation system is winterized before it’s too late. Schedule your appointment right away. 

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