Spring Cleaning For Your Yard

The first day of Spring is just around the corner, which signals the winter weather is coming to an end and it is time to start the spring clean-up tasks to prepare your yard and landscaping for summer. The Rogue Valley winters can be unpredictable and bring everything from snow and hail to rain and high winds. This diversity in weather means your yard and landscaping could have a number of areas that need some repair or attention.

Some of the Spring clean-up tasks that you should add to your chore list to maintain your yard and landscaping are:

  • Raking leaves. While some people rake leaves as they fall, others prefer to wait until all of the leaves have fallen from their trees and rake the yard one time. Either way is fine so long as the leaves are raked and are not left to sit on the lawn. When the wet leaves sit on the lawn and the weather begins to heat up, bacteria can begin to grow that might damage your lawn. Not to mention if there is a heavy layer of leaves sitting on your lawn – the sun can’t reach it.
  • Pick up yard debris. With heavy rains and winds debris from trees, shrubs, and bushes can blow around and land in your yard and on your lawn. This debris should be cleaned up to prevent injury when it comes time to mow your lawn.
  • Aerate your lawn. This process helps with soil compaction and improves the circulation of air, water, and nutrients in the soil. If your lawn gets heavy use, dries out easily, or was established by sod aerating in the Spring is an important step to keeping it healthy.
  • Install and/or Repair Irrigation. During the winter it is common for yard irrigation to get tossed around due to high winds and heavy rainfall. Take the opportunity during the Springtime to repair any damaged parts of your irrigation system. This is also a great time to install irrigation if you don’t currently have it. The weather is warm and the ground is softening up from the cold weather freeze and will be easier to work with.

Winter weather can be tough on your yard and landscaping. While you are being productive cleaning out the attic and garage – use some of that long-lost sunshine that is creeping in to give the outside of your home some TLC too!

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