Simple and Fun Landscaping Project Ideas for Summer

Tackling a landscaping project in your back or front yard can be a fun summertime activity for your whole family. Regardless of whether your yard is big or small, a landscaping project can make a significant impact on the appearance of not only your lawn, but your home, as well. Luckily, there are countless ways and cost-effective landscaping projects you can begin this summer. If you are looking for something simple to get you started, check out the following 4 landscaping projects you should consider trying this season.

Plant Flowers

If your landscape seems to lack color, planting flowers is a great way to enliven the hues of your lawn. Colorful flowers create an eye-catching and inviting landscape, which will cultivate a great environment for your upcoming summer barbecues and outdoor events.

Mow Your Lawn

While mowing your lawn may seem basic, routine maintenance can do wonders for your lawns. During the summer, be sure to mow your lawn regularly. Experts suggest not cutting more than 1-3 inches of the grass height and mowing once during a week.

Be careful not to cut your lawn too short, as doing so can restrict the development of root growth, foster weed development, and impair your lawn’s ability to grow strong.

Try Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing is the ideal way to add a stylistic flare to your yard and walkways and establish a decorative border to encompass your lawn. You can use pavers, concrete, or brick to curb your landscape, but brick and pavers are the easiest choices to install.

Brighten Up With Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners love to spend time outdoors in the summer, but it can be difficult to navigate after the sun goes down if you don’t have adequate lighting around your home. Brighten up your outdoor areas with some landscape lighting so you can continue spending time in your backyard after the sunlight disappears for the day. Use string lights and lanterns to incorporate a subtle glow around your yard and decrease shadows, whereas placing smaller lights alongside your walkways or deck areas will provide more shadows and flashier patches of light.

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