Preparing Your Trees for Spring Growth

Winter is here for Medford, OR, and many gardeners sit in anticipation of the coming spring when they can get outside again. However, some things don’t need to wait until spring. There are several steps you can take during winter to set your trees up for a fantastic growing season.



The best time to prune back your trees comes when they are dormant or inactive. Dormant pruning helps prepare your trees for the growth its already gearing up to do. Doing this during winter allows you to cut out dead limbs now and protects your trees from parasite invasion. Any cuts you make in the bark will have plenty of time to heal before pests return in the spring and frees your tree to grow rather than repair itself.

Decay fungi spread abundantly during fall, meaning any damage done during pruning in these months is more likely to become infected. Delay your pruning until later in winter to avoid this problem.



With your tree free of foliage, take the time to look your tree over thoroughly. Watch for any signs of damage from snow, ice, or something striking the tree. Also, look for small holes in the trunk and other signs of decay, like cracks or dead limbs. If your tree is going to need help come spring, it’s best to know now rather than later.



Sometimes, you’ll need to remove large branches or even trees depending on the health of the plant. Cutting off dead limbs or branches helps protect the tree from heavy snow and ice and gives your tree a fighting chance at recovery. Branches that overhang your home or driveway should be cut back or removed entirely.



If you have trees near a road that is salted, wrap the tree trunks with special paper to keep the toxic substance off your plants. Additionally, if you have trees that scald under the winter’s sun, put on some sunscreen by wrapping with the same type of paper or by buying special mixtures to paint the south side of the trunk.


If you need help preparing your trees for spring, removing dead trees, or protecting your plants from winter’s dangers, call Bumgardners Landscaping in Medford, OR today to schedule an appointment with our highly trained professionals.


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