What Plants are Deer-Resistant?

deerOne of the downsides of living in a state dominated by nature (every Oregonite knows these are rare) is that sometimes the interactions between humans and wildlife are not always pleasant. The deer population in the Northwestern part of the country has remained steady for quite some time, and although you may have only had a chance encounter or two with these creatures, your garden vegetation is on display regardless. As harmless as they are to people, deer can wreak havoc on unguarded landscapes, eating fruits and vegetables, and feeding on delicate delicacy-bearing plants.

Deer problems and plant decisions
If you have or are currently engaged in a battle with Bambi, a few options at your disposal. Pest control and deterrence are one way of tackling the issue, but these efforts are not always successful. Homeowners who do not mind to see deer in their backyard from time to time, but just want the animals to avoid their landscapes are better off planting unattractive foliage!
Just because your yard primarily features deer-resistant plants does not mean it is going to look unappealing. There are hundreds of flowers and shrubs that deer pay no attention to; as said, they focus mainly on those that produce fruit or have particular scents. To name a few of the pieces you can consider installing, Spark Plug Carex, Circus Dragon Dwarf Iris, Lilac Ladies Delphinium, Love Hearts Dicentra, Atomic Mix Veronica, and Dragon’s Breath Leopard are excellent choices. Each of these plants thrive in Oregon’s temperamental climate, but the options do not stop here.

The thing to remember when choosing any plant, regardless if the reason is to deter wildlife is suitability. You will want to buy foliage that is going to survive all-year round and still complement your landscape, unless you are willing to re-plant every Spring. Deer become more of a problem during periods of drought or when there is a lack of food in their natural habitat. While these factors are beyond our control, they can help better prepare you for what to expect. For a full list of deer-resistant trees and shrubs, contact an associate at Bumgardner’s Landscaping today. We are here to help!

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