Is Your Landscaping Ready For Holiday Guests?

32143162_sWith Thanksgiving behind us the winter season has officially started and it is time to be thinking about last minute preparations for winter storms.

While this is also the time of year when most people are thinking about their holiday plans and gift shopping – making sure your home is ready for winter weather cannot be ignored.

This is especially true of you will be hanging decorations outside or if you plan on having guests over for holiday parties.

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure your winter landscaping is safe and ready for your guests to arrive:

Take an hour or so over the weekend to trim the low hanging branches on the trees of your property. If your trees are hanging over your home – these are of the utmost importance. Call your professional landscape technician to have trees trimmed that are out of your reach or that you don’t feel safe working around.

Keep your driveway and walkways free of leaves and debris. When fallen leaves get wet they can grow a fungus that is very slippery. Leaving leaves and debris on your walkways or driveway could lead to people slip and fall. Also, if there is a storm coming that will have freezing temperatures, those leaves could develop a layer of frost or ice and be even more of a danger

If you haven’t done so already, this is the time of year to make sure that your lawn equipment is all picked up and stored away for the season. Things like your lawn mower, garden tools, shovels or rakes, and hoses should all be picked up and put in the shed or garage. If these items are left out they could get covered with leaves and falling debris, which would leave them difficult to see and could lead to an injury for someone walking in the yard.

Make sure that your home and your guests are protected this winter by following these simple tips. Contact your professional landscape technician for help with any of these tips and to get all of your yard prepared for the winter weather.

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