Keeping Your Plants Safe from the Elements

The perfect lawn and garden can do wonders for any home – they add to its aesthetic value as well as provide a nice place to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper. If you pride yourself as having one of the loveliest lawn or garden in the neighborhood, then it is very likely that you’ve invested much time, effort and money in regular cleaning and maintenance, and you don’t want all that to go to waste now, do you?
There are many things that can ruin an otherwise charming lawn or garden, kids and pets being some. However, aside from these, there are also the natural elements which you need to take note of – elements which you’ll find to be quite as destructive as a lose elephant on your front door. To keep your plants safe from these elements, you’ll need to take some precautionary measures like the following.

Installing a Fence
Fences do a great job of protecting us and our homes from burglars and thieves, as well as from stray animals. However, they can also be used to protect our plants from the strong winds that blow. By installing a fence on the borders of your lawn or garden, you can help to protect the plants there by deterring the wind from directly hitting them and thus be able to minimize the chances of the stalks from breaking or the whole plant from being uprooted. Plants in the middle of the garden though, will not be able to receive the same level of protection, but at least they get some. If you want to, you can install smaller fences around the plants in the middle of your garden, although this would require some careful planning and creativity in order to make it work and not ruin the overall appeal of your garden.

Constructing a Pergola
Overhead shades like pergola are wonderful additions to the lawn or garden, not only because of the added appeal but also because they help to protect the plants from the unforgiving sun and the pouring rain. Now, sun and rain are good for the plants, but too much of these (like in summer and during typhoons) are alarmingly harmful.
Plants are not immune to the natural elements, despite the fact that they live their life outdoors. Strong winds can uproot them, the hot sun can scorch and dry them up, and the rain can cause the plants to drown. Thus, take the necessary actions to keep your plants from meeting such a depressing demise.

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