Is Winter the Best Time to Prune Shrubs?

Winter is a great time to prune the shrubs and bushes in your yard. When the temperatures drop, shrubs and plants go into a dormant state for the winter. Their sap slows, and they are not growing any new leaves until the spring, making it a great time to prune. Here are some of the reason winter is a great time to consider working on your shrubs.


Remove Dead Branches


Prune out the dead branches, making way for new growth in the spring. By removing these branches, you are giving the healthier branches more room to grow and flourish. It is easier to see the shape of shrubs that drop their leaves in the winter, making it a piece of cake to find the dead branches in the middle of the plant.


Time to Heal


Pruning your shrubs in the winter season allows them time to heal before the insects and the bacteria come back in the spring. Cuts to a shrub are like open wounds, and they need time to heal in order to protect the tree. By pruning during the colder winter months, you can be sure your shrubs are ready when spring comes.


Cut at the Node


The node is where two branches intersect each other. Cut shrub branches at the node to keep the plant looking healthy and beautiful. If you cut in the middle of a branch, there will be half a dead branch in the middle of your bush. It is also easier for the plant to heal when you cut at the intersection of the two branches.


Have a Clear Purpose


Don’t just head into pruning with no plans. It is important to step back and look at the shrub’s overall shape before you start removing branches. Cutting too many branches in one area may leave a giant hole or make the shrub look unbalanced. Starting with a plan will help you keep the pruning even throughout the structure of the bush.


If you are looking to prune your shrubs this winter, give Bumgardners Landscape a call. We’d be happy to help you maintain your shrubs and other plants during the season. Our team of trained landscapers is standing by to schedule your next appointment.

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