How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Yard This Season

During the spring months, many people get outside and start tidying up their landscaping and lawns. This is important for many reasons; it is nice to see a well-manicured lawn and landscaped trees and shrubs when you come home from work, it is more inviting for hosting outdoor dinner parties and events as the weather gets warmer, and it deters pests from invading your yard and home.

Most people don’t consider how their landscaping effects their home’s vulnerability to invading pests, but it is actually the first line of defense.

April is National Pests Awareness month, so it is important to be talking about these kinds of things. In fact, while mosquitos are dormant during the winter months, they do begin to breed and hatch eggs in the springtime.

Make sure to follow these tips for keeping your landscaping tidy this spring so that your summer is full of joy and not bugs:

  • Keep your lawn cut low. When you cut your lawn low, you are eliminating the hiding places for mosquitos, ants, and other pests that like to crawl around in your yard. Who wants to throw down a blanket and have a family picnic in the background when the grass is too long and crawling with bugs? Keep your lawn cut low and eliminate the bug hiding places.
  • Keep the shrubs around the flower beds of your home cut close. The branches of your shrubs should never be allowed to grow up against the foundation or siding of your home. Again, this is a matter of hiding places for pests and things like spiders, termites, and ants can all live in the shrubs outside of your windows and doors. Keep them cut so that the hiding places are eliminated.
  • Keep your tree branches cut so they are not hanging over your roof or eaves. The branches of the trees around your yard could be an easy access point for bugs to get to the roof of your home if they are allowed to grow long enough. It is best to have the branches trimmed close to the tree so that they don’t hang over your home.

Having a well-manicured lawn and landscaping is a great way to deter mosquitos from using your yard as a breeding ground. Nothing ruins fun in the sun summer plans like an invasion of mosquitos and their pesky bites. Follow these tips and keep your home safe and protected!


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