Fall Cleanup and Leaf Removal: Keeping Your Property Impeccable This Autumn

Autumn has made its entrance! Most trees have adorned themselves with the splendid hues of the season and have already started shedding their leaves. Throughout November, our primary focus will be leaf cleanup; we have the necessary tools to do this efficiently and effectively. We employ truck-mounted leaf vacuums to optimize our leaf removal process, which swiftly gathers fallen leaves. Before vacuuming, our teams use blowers to gather the leaves into piles or rows. In November, our crews work on Saturdays, allowing us to attend to areas typically filled with parked cars. We adjust our schedule to enhance efficiency and minimize inconvenience to our customers’ businesses. As the rainy season sets in, we will continue our mowing activities bi-weekly, taking into account the weather conditions to prevent potential damage, as mentioned earlier. We closely monitor weather forecasts and conditions, avoiding mowing during prolonged rainy periods. We will remain busy, focusing on leaf removal and final mowing during dry spells.

To enhance the overall tidiness of your property, we recommend increasing the frequency of parking lot sweeps during the fall. When combined with our leaf removal efforts, more frequent sweeping will help maintain a cleaner site during this messy time of year. We are also willing to coordinate with your current sweeping provider to ensure a collaborative approach. During the fall, we anticipate collecting thousands of cubic yards of leaves. It’s substantial, but rest assured that all these leaves are recycled and composted into garden mulch for future use. Some have inquired if we handle this composting process ourselves, but we have yet to. Instead, we collaborate with several established composting businesses in the area, as it is a cost-effective method, and they are better equipped for this task.

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