End-Of-Summer Lawn Care

39337284_sWith the nights getting cooler and the back to school bell ringing, the end of summer is not far off. The weather will soon be cooler during the day, and for some, that might be a sign that it is time to store the lawn tools until spring.

Fall lawn care is an important part to keeping your lawn healthy and maintained during the winter. Plus, it will give you a head start on spring time lawn care and your lawn will bounce back from the winter frost much easier.

Here are some tips for fall lawn care for you to follow this year:

  • Don’t stop watering. Even though during the fall there is typically a lot of rainfall, it is important to supplement the dry spells by watering your lawn rather than relying on Mother Nature to do the job. This will keep the amount of brown grass that needs repair in the spring to a minimum.
  • Don’t stop mowing. Throughout the fall, continue to mow your lawn as usual. Obviously, there are fewer nice days during which to do this, but it is important to find the time. At the end of the fall season, just before winter arrives, drop the blade of the lawn mower to the lowest setting and mow one last time.
  • Aerate the soil. Talk with your landscaping professional to see if aerating the soil in your lawn is a good idea. Aerating the soil creates the opportunity for nutrients and water to penetrate deep into the soil and get to the entire root system of the lawn. During the fall and winter the grass does not grow at the same rate, however, the root system continues to grow the same as always and this is a perfect opportunity to help the process.
  • Rake the leaves. When the leaves fall from the trees, make sure to rake them as they come down. Leaving leaves on your lawn creates a blanket over the blades. When it rains, and those leaves become wet, that wet blanket lays over the grass and traps any bacteria and fungus and create the perfect environment for them to grow in.

While the cooler weather is an indication that spending time outdoors relaxing in the sun is coming to a close, it does not mean that your yard work ends. Instead, follow these tips for keeping your lawn maintained during the fall and get a head start on the spring.


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