Do You Know About Fall Tree-Planting?

36778918_sWhile the fall season is a time for your landscaping to transition from the spring and summer blossoms to a more dormant winter covering, it is also a really great time of year to plant new trees and plants.

For many people, the fall feels more like a time put the garden away and hunker down for the winter. But, planting during the fall can give trees and plants a good head start before the spring and summer seasons come back around.

Above the ground, the fall and winter seasons might look barren but, under the ground there is still a lot of growth happening as long as the ground is not totally frozen. This makes fall a good time to plant as long as there is enough time before the first freeze and plenty of water has been given.

Here are some of the benefits to fall planting:

  • During the fall season the soil temperature and moisture level is perfect for a lot of root growth. This gives newly planted shrubs and trees a good start on getting a stable root system before the winter temperatures arrive
  • There is less shock to a tree’s root system when planted during the fall. The root system will usually grow bigger if the tree is planted during the fall season because the soil is moist rather than dry like the summer and spring.
  • While the weather is cooler during the fall, any new planting that you do will still need a healthy dose of water. Some of this will be covered by rainfall but, you will also need to help it along if the rainfall is late or less than usual.
  • During the fall it is much easier to see any gaps or areas that need filling in. You can plant in those gaps, and then during the spring when everything begins to bloom, those areas will be nice and lush.

Plenty of growing can still happen during the fall season. The temperatures are colder and it feels like a time of year for laying low rather than planting and growing but, it can actually be a great time to give your newly planted trees and landscaping a head start.

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