Are Your Trees Ready For The Cold Weather?

38167837_sWhile the trees in your yard might seem hearty, they are actually quite vulnerable to both extreme heat and extreme cold. During this time of year, the temperatures are still benign enough that your trees are mostly unaffected. However, as the temperatures during the day start to match with those at night, your trees will become more and more damage – if they have not been fortified to withstand.

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do for your trees in the coming weeks to make sure they are protected and able to manage the colder temperatures.

  • When the weather is either extremely hot or extremely cold, your trees will naturally lose nutrients in an effort to protect against the weather. While there are some types of trees that are designed to withstand the more extreme weather patterns, most of those in your yard will succumb to the temperatures. During these fall months, make sure to add extra fertilizer to your trees. Choose a fertilizer that is slow-released so that your trees have a chance to absorb all of the vital elements of the fertilizer.
  • In addition to fertilizer, your trees will need a healthy serving of water to store for the cold weather. The branches and leaves of your trees will not do much growing during the cold weather. However, the root system of all trees grow year around, and the extra water and fertilizer will help to fortify your trees and make sure they are ready for winter and healthy in spring.
  • If you have any bare spots on your property where you would like a tree to grow, plant it now during the fall. Give it the extra fertilization and water that the rest of your trees get and it will have the best chance of substantiating its root system and then resting during the winter.

Trees give life and dimension to the landscaping of your home, if they are well cared for. But, if your trees are neglected, they will just be an eyesore. Follow these simple tips to make sure that your trees are nourished enough to withstand winter.

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