The winter season starts off pretty hectic with all of the holiday preparation and celebration. However, now that the holidays are winding down, it is time to settle into the winter months and be thinking about the home improvement activities that you want to get done.

Mulch is a great way to further these goals but it is important to know how to work with it.

For instance, some people are surprised to learn that mulch can actually catch fire if it is not treated properly. Walking through the forest you notice pine needles and twigs on the ground – this is essentially nature’s mulch.

Just as nature’s mulch can catch fire, so can the mulch in your yard and it is important to take measures to prevent this.

Here are a few ways that you can protect the mulch in your yard from any negative events:

  • If you, or someone who is visiting your home, is a smoker – make sure there is an old bucket with sand outside for cigarette butts. Throwing cigarette butts into the flower bed where there is mulch can easily lead to a fire. Obviously, this is more or a risk during the summer months when the weather is dry. But, throwing cigarette butts into the mulch bed is a bad habit any time of the year and it is best to set the expectation.
  • During the winter months it isn’t as necessary but, during the other months of the year it is important to water the mulch on your property to keep it moist and flame-retardant. Mulch is dark in color and can retain a lot of heat and get to high temperatures. Keeping it wet can help to keep those temperatures at a minimal level.
  • Make sure to spread mulch evenly and not too thick. When there are large piles of mulch that are very thick, steam can be created when the warmth within the mound of mulch mixes with the cold air. It is important to minimize this reaction as much as possible by spreading mulch no thicker than four inches.

Having mulch in your yard is a great way to help your trees and bushes make it through the winter months. Just make sure that you know the right way to care for your mulch so that nothing devastating like a house fire happens.

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