4 Reasons Your Pine Tree Might Be Losing Bark

wind damage and landscapingTrees are a great way to add shade and beauty to your yard. Adding a beautiful pine tree is an easy way to instantly improve the curb appeal of your home and increase the value.

However, if your pine tree is sick or damaged in any way, that beautiful tree could become a huge eyesore.

Thankfully, there are some signs that you can keep your eyes opened for and contact a professional landscaping professional to help.

Here are a few reasons that your pine tree might be losing its bark:

  • Disease. Unfortunately, your pine tree is vulnerable to all sorts of different diseases. One of the more common pine tree diseases will cause needlecast and will lead to the bark of the tree coming off in chunks. Disease is the single most common reason that pine trees lose their bark and their pine needles.
  • Squirrels. If you notice that a pine tree in your yard is losing its bark – look for signs of squirrels. These pesky little critters will actually gnaw on the bark and remove it to get better access to the trunk of the tree. If your pine tree has squirrels nesting in it and they continue to gnaw on the bark – they will eventually kill your tree.
  • Lightning. This is an unusual though possible cause for your pine tree to lose its bark. The lightning can actually burn the bark right off of the trunk of the tree. The lightning doesn’t need to strike the tree directly either. In fact, a simple cloud-to-ground lightning strike will lead to the pine tree bark damage.
  • Nature. Some pine trees will just start to lose bark as a process of shedding that is completely natural. In these instances, there is no reason to be concerned as your pine tree is simply going through a normal process.

If you have pine trees on your property and you are worried about one or more of them losing bark – make sure to contact  a professional tree care specialist who can help you to triage the problem. A tree that is shedding large amounts of bark at an alarming rate could have a serious problem and should be inspected right away.

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