4 Beautiful Native Oregon Plants to Add to Your Landscaping

Introducing native plants to your backyard can benefit you and the ecosystem around your home. Adding more flowers, trees, and other vegetation that are native to Southern Oregon can help you make your lawn more compatible with the local climate and wildlife – yielding advantages such as using less water, having a more sustainable garden, and enjoying the natural beauty Oregon has to offer. Consider adding the following native plants to your landscaping to reap the benefits.


  1. Giant Chain Fern


The Woodwardia fimbriate, or Giant Chain Fern, is native to the forests of Oregon and its surrounding states. It is the largest fern native to North America. It can grow four to six feet tall in a garden setting – ideal for creating shade in especially hot and dry spaces on your lawn. They are drought- and deer-tolerant and do well with low water levels.


  1. Western Columbine


The Western Columbine (Aquilegia Formosa) is a beautiful red wildflower native to the west coast. The plant grows to an average height of 60 centimeters, with flowers that are about five centimeters long. This flower prefers locations near streams, as it requires water during the summer. If you have such a location on your property, however, the Wester Columbine can be a bright and eye-catching addition to your landscaping. They attract hummingbirds into gardens.


  1. Oregon Sunshine


Add a little sunshine to your landscaping – Oregon Sunshine, that is. This perennial plant (scientific name Eriophyllum lanatum) is sturdy and easy to grow, withstanding almost anything except overwatering. It boasts bright and cheery yellow flowers when it blooms, attracting butterflies and beneficial pollinators. If you have particularly sunny spots in your landscaping that don’t receive a lot of water, the Oregon Sunshine could be the perfect fit.


  1. Blue Blossom


The Blue Blossom (also known as California lilac) is a popular shrub for landscaping applications. It has evergreen leaves and small flowers in clusters. Flowers range from white and light blue to dark blue and purple. The Blue Blossom attracts butterflies, bees, and birds. It thrives best in full sun or partial shade, in naturally moist or dry locations.


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