3 Tips For Amazing Winter Landscaping

checklist-1622517_1280The winter season is a great time of year to spend time around the house staying warm. This is especially true once the holidays have passed, since the chaos dies down and taking a little bit of time to rest is always nice.


If you aren’t planning a vacation or a trip out of town this winter, you might be hyper-aware of your house and your yard. Spending more time at home means really having time to tune into how cluttered or unkempt your home and your yard are.


While spring is the traditional time of year to do any decluttering or real gardening, there is plenty that you can do during the winter months to get your yard and your home prepared for spring.


Winter landscaping might seem a little pointless with all of the cold weather – not many plants or flowers can really survive the extreme temperatures. However, there are some simple things that you can do to improve the look of your outdoor landscaping, without trying to battle the weather:

  • Keep in mind that the rock salt used to melt snow and ice can damage plants. When you’re planting trees and shrubs, keep them away from areas where runoff collects, carrying salt residue with it. Also take note of where passing vehicles spray salt, and avoid planting trees and shrubs there as well.
  • Make evergreen trees your new friend. While deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall, evergreens provide continuous color throughout the year. Add a traditional green evergreen to your landscape, or for a unique look, plant a gold or blue conifer.
  • Highlight hidden features. During the winter, yards can take on a different appearance once leafy deciduous trees are bare. Take this time to highlight your brick and stone hardscapes that may go unnoticed during the other season. Also, ornamental fences, trellis, and arbors tend to stand out during this time of year when they’re not surrounded by foliage.

The spring season is still several weeks away but, you don’t have to wait for spring to do some landscaping. In fact, you can do these simple winter landscaping tips to get your yard all ready for spring.


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