3 Benefits To Having Trees In Your Yard

37737821_sNot only are trees beautiful, they provide a great amount of shade and protection to your lawn. During the summer months, your lawn can take a beating between the direct rays of the sunshine and the extra foot traffic, having some trees planted can help to protect it.

Here are some additional benefits to have trees planted in your yard:

  • According to a study published by the USDA, a single tree in good health can provide the overall cooling effect of ten air conditioners running constantly for a straight 20 hours. The impact that a strategically planted tree, which provides shade to your home can be significant. To reduce your monthly power bill during the summer months, plant trees in areas where their shade will cover windows and doors. These are vulnerable areas of your home where the sun light can shine directly inside, effectively turning your home into an oven.
  • Trees have a remarkable impact on the environment. They absorb harmful gasses from our air, and replace them with oxygen. Things like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone are all released into the air via car exhaust and factories. Trees take those gases and absorb them, so that we are left with cleaner air. They also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Just one tree can remove more than 300 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air annually!
  • Tree roots are good for the ground. A tree’s root system is sophisticated and intricate. Similar to a spider’s web, a tree’s root system is designed to spread out and catch anything that it comes in contact with. A tree will use all water and nutrients that come up through the root system. The roots fortify soil, making slides and erosion less likely, and they filter the groundwater.

Trees create dimension and beauty to your landscaping. They also dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home by adding color and beauty to the landscape. Adding trees to your home’s landscaping is an easy and inexpensive way to significantly benefit the environment, the aesthetics of your yard, and your power bill. Talk with your professional landscaper about which types of trees grow best in your area, and which trees would work best for your specific circumstances.


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