Why Irrigation Is Essential for Your Commercial Property

Between current customers, prospective clients, and passersby walking or driving through the neighborhood, your landscaping provides many people with their first impression of your business. Taking the time and care to create a gorgeous landscape and properly maintain it communicates professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail. Your lawn serves as the foundation for your business exterior, and hiring a professional to install a comprehensive irrigation system for your property can keep your grass green and beautiful all year long.

Aside from aesthetics and convenience, there are other significant benefits of adding an irrigation system for your commercial property, such as:

Preserve the Environment

A healthy, well-maintained lawn benefits the environment in several ways. Robust root systems support the soil, preventing erosion from rain and wind that can cause runoff into nearby water sources. The grass improves outdoor air quality by absorbing allergens, dust, and harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Keeping your lawn in prime condition encourages the growth of microorganisms that improve the health and structure of the soil.

Save Money

Because your irrigation system monitors your water usage and only uses enough water to keep your lawn healthy, you avoid expensive water waste. In the summer, your property creates a cooling effect through a process called transpiration that drops the temperature of the surrounding air by evaporation. The air above a lawn can be up to 14 degrees cooler than the air above a concrete or asphalt slab, helping reduce the demand on your HVAC unit and saving you money on your energy bills.

Avoid Overwatering

 Commercial lawn irrigation systems utilize innovative technology designed to regulate precisely the amount of water used each time you turn it on. Our installation team will evaluate the size, elevation, and features of your commercial property to determine exactly where to place your sprinklers so they can evenly distribute water across your lawn. Targeting the grass roots with drip lines means you are only watering necessary areas without causing wet sidewalks or puddles.

If you are interested in putting your best face forward for potential clients, contact Bumgardners Landscape today to set up a consultation with our team. We can install an irrigation system customized around your commercial property, look great, save water, lower your bills, and help preserve the environment.