Why Fall Is the Best Time to Plant Trees on Your Commercial Property

This past summer was the hottest on record for Oregon, with blistering heat waves causing large areas of the state to experience drought and raging wildfires to consume nearly 800,000 acres. Now that fall has finally arrived, residents are gratefully welcoming the chilly air and looking forward to the changing leaves. Many native trees in Oregon are evergreens, like Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, and Western hemlock, but the state still features a number of deciduous species that put on a spectacular display in the fall. You can expect stunning scarlet and burgundy shades from red alder, vine maple, and Pacific dogwood, bright golden yellow from bigleaf maple and cascara, and deep bronze hues from Oregon white oak.

Why Plant Trees?

With such a gorgeous diversity of trees in our state, business owners have access to endless inspiration for their own commercial properties and can provide customers with a memorable first impression by adding healthy, beautiful trees to their business locations. In fact, planting trees not only makes your property more appealing by offering a gorgeous landscape, it also limits soil erosion, creates shade that saves on energy usage, promotes cleaner air, limits noise pollution, and can even increase the value of your property. Taking the time to develop and create an appealing landscape at your business signals to your customers that you care about them and strive to give them the most enjoyable experience possible. And they will notice a difference immediately, as research shows that spending time among trees lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, improves mood, and makes life peaceful and more relaxing. 

Why Plant in the Fall?

Spring is often considered the default season for planting and gardening, so you may be surprised to learn that fall is truly the best time of year for planting trees, typically from late August through October. The cooler temperatures encourage the growth of stronger and more extensive root systems, supporting the long-term health and development of the tree so it is adequately prepared for dormancy during this winter. Fall also offers a significantly reduced chance of sun scorch, high temperatures, and drought, preventing delicate, newly planted trees from the type of harm they can easily experience during the summer months. During the winter, these trees will become firmly established so that when spring arrives, they are fully prepared to take advantage of the season and surge with new growth.

If you are looking to upgrade your commercial property with new trees, now is your chance to make an impact with an investment that will pay off for decades to come. Contact Bumgardners Landscape today to get started. Our team can help you determine which tree species are most suitable for your commercial property based on the amount of sun, shade, and moisture at the planting site, then maintain your trees with mulching, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and leaf removal.