Tree Pruning for the Fall Season

It is not a surprise that everything takes a harsh toll in the winter. Being prepared for colder months can help ensure that your landscape is looking as good as ever in the fall. One way to take care of your landscape is by getting your trees pruned this fall.

What Is Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is more than just trimming your trees, trimming your trees is often for aesthetic purposes, it is shaping your trees the way you want to achieve a certain image, but when you prune your trees, you are focusing on removing any unwanted material that can help your trees grow and stay healthy. In many ways, it is much like getting your hair trimmed.

Can I Prune My Trees?

You should not attempt to prune your trees yourself. It takes an expert to know which branches should be removed and which should stay. Different types of trees also require different methods of pruning. Attempting to prune trees yourself could end up permanently damaging them causing them to never look the same again.

In addition, you should never attempt to prune your trees if they are close to any power lines that could electrocute you. Leave this task to a professional.

Why Is Fall the Best Time to Get My Trees Pruned

Fall is right before trees become dormant for the winter. In most cases, trees shed their leaves, showcasing their structure. The process of this change is called dormancy and it’s in preparation for winter, a time when less food, water, and sunlight are required. Dormancy makes it easy for a professional to see what parts of your tree should be removed and which parts should not, helping your trees to grow back healthier and more beautiful than ever.

Get Ready for Winter

Winter may seem far away, but it’s not too early to start preparing. Contact Bumgardners Landscaping today to prepare your landscape for winter.