Top Musts for Commercial Landscaping

Spring Landscape Ideas

Just because the weather is cooling off does not mean you should give up on your commercial property’s landscaping! An inviting landscape around your business—even in the wintertime—will be appreciated by your visitors. Here are several tips to keep your commercial lawn looking great all winter.


Fall is prime time for pruning trees and shrubs. Crafting shapes and removing dead branches will allow your plants to grow back fuller and healthier during the spring. Be sure to prune before the first freeze and before plants go dormant to survive the colder weather.

Aerate and Seed

Fall is also an appropriate time to aerate the turf and reseed any bare spots. The cooler temperature and increased moisture in the cooler seasons facilitate the reseeding of these spots. Remember to mow and fertilize the lawn until the grass stops growing for a better look and smooth raking.

Remove Any Bad Trees

On top of pruning work, remove any dying or damaged trees during the fall. Many tree removal companies offer cheaper rates to keep employees active during colder months.

Prepare for Spring

Think ahead of time by planting spring-blooming flower bulbs. A little work in the fall will be rewarding in the spring when your land begins to bloom with flowers. Crocus, daffodils, tulips, and snowdrops are perfect bulb options to plant during the fall and will dazzle your visitors for several months with their vibrant spring colors.

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