Top 3 Walkway Ideas for Commercial Businesses

If you’re a business owner, then you already understand the importance of curb appeal. Without an aesthetically satisfying face for your commercial property, it will be far more difficult to attract new clients and customers. With an orderly, attractive yard, you’re going to capture the (positive) attention of potential clients.

Well, what’s one huge aspect of achieving unbeatable curb appeal, as a commercial property owner? It’s simple: a clean and inviting walkway. 

Fortunately, there’s more than one method to creating a beautiful walkway for your business. Here are some ideas to get you started, before renovating or installing a commercial walkway.

 1. Go for Converging Paths

There’s a practical reason to opt for converging pathways, as well as an aesthetic one. The aesthetic reason is obvious: It keeps your walkways looking organized, rather than muddled. However, this approach to walkway installation is also a fantastic means to begin reducing foot traffic congestion.

2. Use Alternative Materials

Your walkways don’t need to look identical to all of your neighboring properties — in fact, it’s better if it doesn’t. To help your business stand out, consider skipping the most common walkway materials, such as whatever the local streets are using. Instead, pick something with a bit more character, like natural stone or rustic materials.

 3. Consider a Winding Walkway

Your typical sidewalk or walkway is going to be pretty straightforward — literally. That doesn’t mean that your commercial property should do the same thing. If you’re hoping to stand out, feel free to get creative: As long as you’re not making walkways tediously long and forcing individuals to go out of their way, it’s great to add a subtle “twist” into your pathways.

 Bumgardners Landscape Installs Commercial Walkways

Are you a commercial property owner in the Medford, Oregon area? No matter the type of business you manage, it is important to have a walkway that’s both practical and presentable. That way, it can serve its purpose, while also catching onlookers’ eyes. To get started on your new commercial walkway, contact Bumgardners Landscape today.