Tips For Summer Time Watering

22497545_sThe summer time is one of the most difficult times to grow plants. With the temperatures getting hotter, plants begin to wither and wilt in protest. While all plants will suffer in some way during the blazing heat of the summer, there are some that will suffer irreparable damage if left unattended. These include:

Trees and shrubs that have just been recently planted

New planted flower beds and perennials

Sod or grass seeds that have just been laid down

Flowers or plants that have been planted too shallow

Thankfully, your landscaping will being to show signs of dehydration so that you can act to protect it. While prevention is the best way to avoid losing any foliage to the summer sun and heat, it is not always possible to prevent all of your plants, trees, and grass from sustaining some degree of dehydrations. To protect all of your landscape from sun and heat damage, be mindful of these signs of dehydration:

Grass blades and leaves that are curling upwards on the ends and tips

Foliage that is growing very slowly, where before it was steadily growing

Flower stems that are sagging, drooping, or falling over

Sections of leaves that look shriveled or dry

Yellowing leaves during the fall is natural, however, if leaves begin to look yellow during the summer months this is a sure sign of dehydration

If blossoms are dropping off of their stems without blooming, it is likely that the plant is suffering from dehydration

Once you recognize these signs of dehydration, you can take the proper steps to get your plants, trees, and shrubs some water and help them back to life. Here are some tips to follow for summer time watering:

Water during the times of the day that the weather is coolest. Either early in the morning or, late in the evening will work. Any time that the sun is not beating down on the plants, as this will cause the water to evaporate too quickly and the plants will not get the full benefit of the watering.

Monitor your landscaping closely during the summer months. The sooner you can combat the signs of dehydration the better chance your plants have of recovering.

Water is important to all living things, and this is especially true during the summer months. Stay tuned into your landscaping this summer and keep it from suffering dehydration.

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