Tips For Summer Landscaping

36235050_sThe summer season is a great time to be outdoors working on your yard, garden, and landscaping. Here are some ideas for adding beauty to your property during the warm weather:

Work with what you have. When it comes to choosing landscaping plants, bushes, and shrubs it is important to work with Mother Nature. This means not trying to plant things that won’t grow or, that need a lot of work, time, and resources. Also, using what is already naturally growing on your property but, in a more creative way. For instance, if you have mature trees take some time to manicure and prune them so that they stay looking tidy and well cared for. Plant some moss or ferns nearby to add to the ‘woodland’ feel and help retain ground moisture. If you need some privacy or separation on your land, plant blooming shrubs rather than hedges that need constant trimming. These blossoming bushes can be planted in a staggered pattern and then allowed to grow together in a decorative mass of color, which can add life to your yard.

Use a process of elimination. If you have just recently moved into your home, or you are new to planting and gardening it might be difficult to know just what will and won’t grow on your property. For this reason it is important to choose a variety of different types of plants and flowers and plant them all. If you notice that some are not working out, you can try to move them to a new location in the yard or, simple remove them all together. With a wide variety of options, you won’t be risking any unsightly bare spots because you will have several other plants to fill the space.

Try some rocks. If you have areas of your property that are bare because a plant didn’t work out or, you just didn’t get to planting anything there, try adding some decorative garden rocks to add depth and design to your landscaping. Rocks are nice because you don’t have to water them and you can’t kill them. Wood mulch or chips are also a good addition because you can water them and they will keep thirsty plants moist for longer.

Making your yard a beautiful place to spend time is a great things to do on these warm summer days. Follow these tips to make it easier on yourself!

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