The Value of Quality Landscaping for Your Business

Medford, OR Commercial Landscape

Owning a business can be a worthwhile investment. Whether you own a restaurant, retail space, or anything in-between, you are always looking for ways to better attract customers. This helps to improve brand recognition, as well as ensure you can continue to operate successfully.

Several factors go into attracting and retaining customers. The services and products you supply are the main driving source. You also need to consider the way your business is perceived. This involves putting care and detailed attention into the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your business.

The exterior of your building plays a vital role in attracting customers. For those walking or driving by, it can help your business to stand apart from surrounding businesses. The appearance of your exterior also creates the first impression. You want your business to look well maintained and cared for. This is where professional landscaping comes in.

The Power of a Great Landscape 

No matter how much outdoor space you have, you want it to look good. Poor landscaping can make your building appear rundown and uncared for. This can leave a negative impression as to what customers can expect from the interior. Landscaping areas to consider include:

  • Your walkways – Your walkways should be clear and clean. This includes removing any weeds that try to pop through cracks. You’ll also want to make sure that there isn’t a lot of dirt on the walkway that can then be tracked into your business.
  • Grass – Long, unkept grass can leave a poor impression. However, grass that is lush, consistent, and green is appealing. It leaves the impression that your business is well cared for. This also includes taking care of any brown spots that can be caused by several different factors.
  • Flowers and shrubs – adding greenery or a pop of color is a great way to create a unique look for your business. Shrubs can provide a clean and consistent look. They are also easy to maintain and usually require periodic trimming. Flowers also have a beautiful array of colors and pleasant smells.

Contact the Experts

Having a great landscape leaves a great first and lasting impression on your customers. It increases your curb appeal and helps you to stand out from surrounding businesses. At Bumgardners Landscape, we can help you revive your exterior space. Contact us to learn more.