The Best Landscaping Jobs to Get Done in the Early Spring

Spring Landscape Design | Medfore OR

Warmer weather is on its way, so it’s time to get your gardens looking lovely and ready for spring. Lucky for you, Bumgardner’s Landscaping has everything you need to have the best curb appeal on the block once the sun is shining and things are in full bloom. Here are five things we can get started on right away to beautify your home.

Cleaning Rain Gutters

Falling autumn leaves and winter winds have undoubtedly filled your gutters with debris that needs to be removed. A backup of leaves and twigs can damage your roofing and your yard. Overflowing water can empty into your landscaping and disrupt the carefully mapped-out growth of spring fauna.

Gathering Winter Yard Debris

Over the winter, gardens and ponds become a gathering place for tree and yard waste, displaced mulch, and litter. Getting things tidied up and looking sharp is not only a first step in having a gorgeous garden, but it also allows for your perennials and fresh spring planting to grow unhindered by unnecessary obstacles.


The experts at Bumgardner’s know the appropriate time to prune everything from roses and hedges to fruit trees and berry vines to achieve the optimal results during the growing season. Allow us to take the stress out of the equation by handling this task for you.

Spring Bulbs and Vegetable Planting

An experienced landscaper can map out your spring bulb planting, so that everything comes together just right when the blooming starts. If you want a productive vegetable garden, it is also essential to have a knowledgeable gardener start your early crop planting so that you can get the most from nature’s bounty.

Fixing Rock and Stone Features

Unfortunately, the harsh elements of fall and winter can have a disastrous effect on your garden’s stone walls and walkways. A qualified landscaping professional will be able to assess issues with these features and make them sturdy and ready for you to enjoy this year.

If you need some help with your landscaping in Medford, OR this spring, call on Bumgardner’s to help you out. We have the expertise you need to whip your gardens into shape.