The Benefits of Planting Natives

When deciding what plants to grow outside your commercial property, you should always turn to the native flora. They’ll make your property beautiful without forcing you to rely on exotic plants or making you stand out too much from the other properties around you.

Adapted for the Area

As a business owner, you don’t have time to focus on keeping your plants alive. Taking care of the water, soil, sunlight, and more can be time-consuming and expensive. Native plants are adapted to grow in the same soil conditions as the dirt your building is placed on, and they can thrive in the weather and climate you’re living and working in every day. They’re suited to their environment, so they’ll be easy to care for.

Protecting the Ecosystem

Animals rely on plants to survive; if these animals suffer, so will the ecosystem. Local pollinators need local plants, so planting more natives will make the animals around you happy and healthy. While you might not think it’s wise to attract birds and bees to your commercial property, if you choose your landscaping correctly, you’ll be able to keep your visitors safe while still allowing the local ecosystem to thrive.

A Lot of Options

When first attempting to landscape your property, you might feel like your only choice is between the basic and the exotic. If you look into a list of native plants, however, you might be surprised at just how many good choices there are. In Oregon, our list of native plants is long and full of unique and beautiful species, from the star-shaped Camassia flower, perfect for growing in bunches, to the ornamental tufted hair grass that can tie your whole property together.

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