The Positive Impact of Winter on Your Landscape

The idea that winter positively impacts your landscape might seem counterintuitive, but it holds a surprising truth. While it’s a challenging season for some plants and can pose difficulties for businesses due to snow, winter also brings several unexpected advantages to your landscape. The Advantages of Snow for Landscapes Business owners naturally prioritize clearing snow […]

The Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

For any commercial property, outdoor lighting is a must-have tool for aesthetic and security purposes. Whether you own a thriving retail center or a manager at an office building, everyone can benefit from affordable and reliable outdoor lighting. Below are just a few of the top benefits of outdoor lighting for commercial enterprises. Increased Security […]

Why You Should Hire a Landscape Maintenance Company

Chances are you have spent a lot of effort and probably money getting your landscaping set up at your business. You have considered the best plants and suggested some stunning design elements. Right now, that landscape looks excellent. But that landscape might need some maintenance in a few months or even weeks. While some of […]

Top 2023 Landscaping Trends

Now that the best part of the landscaping season is here, it is a great time to look at all the top trends for landscaping to beautify your scenery. This year, many are thinking about ways to make landscaping easy and environmentally friendly. Green Landscaping There is a major focus on making landscaping low carbon, […]

Plants to Avoid for Commercial Landscaping

When it comes to commercial landscaping, knowing what plants to avoid is just as important as knowing what plants you can use. Here are a few plants you should never plant in a commercial landscape. Invasives Some beautiful plants should never be added to your commercial landscaping because they bully native plants to grow and […]