Summer Landscaping Tips for Medford Homeowners

Homeowners in the Medford, Oregon, area should do their best to take care of their homes’ landscapes year-round, and it’s essential to follow seasonal best practices to keep a residential landscape looking beautiful and healthy. As we approach the summer, the team at Bumgardners Landscape in Medford wants to help our customers get off to a great start with their summer landscaping by trying a few simple yet effective practices.

Don’t Forget Watering

Oregon has a variable climate throughout most of the year, but it can still get hot and dry during the summer. Make sure you’re adequately watering your grass and plants around your home if the summer turns out to be a dry one. Grass should receive about one inch of water every week for ideal growth.

Remove Weeds Quickly and Completely

Weeds in your grass can grow out of control very quickly, and as they grow, they steal essential nutrients from your grass. As soon as you identify weeds in your grass, remove them completely. Try to refrain from using weed-killers in your lawn, as most of them tend to do as much damage to your grass as they do to your weeds. It’s better to dig out weeds entirely, removing the whole root and disposing of them rather than trying to spray them away with harmful chemicals.

Set a Mowing Schedule

Many homeowners make the mistake of mowing their grass too short to reduce the frequency they need to mow. While mowing your grass very short can indeed cut down on your mowing frequency, it is not good for your grass. Eventually the grass will start to die if you mow it too often, so try to maintain a healthy mowing schedule that’s right for the grass on your landscape.

Get Help from the Pros

Summer landscaping shouldn’t be a chore and sticking to a few best practices can not only keep your landscape looking great but also minimize the amount of work you need to do. If you’re having trouble with stubborn weeds, aren’t sure of a good mowing schedule for your grass or seem to have trouble remembering the watering requirements for the various types of greenery around your home, we can help. Contact Baumgardner’s Landscape in Medford, OR, today to find out how we can help.