Sprinkler System Maintenance

40300682_sKeeping your lawn, plants, and landscaping green and healthy during the summer months can sometimes be a challenge. This is the time of year when the sun is hottest and stays out the longest, drying out the soil, roots, and leaves of your landscaping. A sprinkler system is an ideal tool for counteracting the effects of the sun this time of year but, as with all major systems in your home, your sprinkler system requires regular maintenance for maximum efficiency:

  • Check your in-ground system. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system it is important to spend an hour once a month checking each zone for damage. The control panel for your system should have instructions or, the manual that came with it. Essentially, you want to run the system in each zone individually and look for signs of damaged sprinkler heads, cracked or leaking pipes, and ill-fitting joints or components. If any of the sprinkler heads are spraying water on the patio, driveway, or walkways make sure to address this so that you are getting the maximum amount of water to your landscaping.
  • Use the schedule wisely. Setting your sprinkler system with an automated schedule is a great way to avoid overwatering. However, it is important to have a different schedule programmed for each season of the year. You don’t want your landscaping watered as much during the winter as you do during the summer. Make sure to set a reminder on your calendar to change the programmed schedule for your sprinkler system with each changing season.
  • Know how efficient your system is. In the manual that came with your system, it should say how much time it takes your system to water one inch of landscaping. This is an important figure to know because if suddenly it is taking your system much longer to water a space, where it used to take less time, this is a clear sign that you have a leak or, problem with your system.
  • Talk with your landscaper about having a rain sensor installed. These sensors are designed to turn your sprinkler system off when rainfall has reached a pre-set amount. This saves water as you can leverage the rainfall to water your landscaping rather than having to use your sprinkler system.

Regardless of what your watering set-up is, it is important to be thoughtful of how much water is being used. Not only for the environment but also for your budget. Keep these simple tips in mind to keep your watering system in top working order year around.


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