Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

34463361_sAs the weather gets hotter your lawn is will need more watering and spring is the time to make sure that your sprinkler system is in top working order. One of the best things you can do for your sprinkler system is to keep it regularly maintained, this way you can identify any small areas of concern before they escalate into something bigger – and more expensive.

Here are some of the maintenance steps you can take to keep your sprinkler system working efficiently year around:

When you drain your sprinkler system in the fall you leave the drains open to allow all of the standing water to drain out. Now is the time to close those drains so you can perform the maintenance properly.

Open the main valve of the system. Do this slowly as the pressure has not been regulated yet in the lines. Allow the lines to gently fill with water, pushing any air in the system out through the sprinkler heads.

Make sure to have the backflow of the system checked by a certified tester and a copy of the certification sent to the city office to ensure you are in compliance with rules and regulations specific to backflow.

Focusing on one zone at a time, run your sprinkler systems and be looking for any signs of leaks, damage to sprinkler heads, and damage to the lines. Make the necessary repairs needed and replace any parts and pieces that are not able to be repaired. Make sure that each zone’s sprinkler heads are showing accurate spray patterns and are covering the area that you need watered. If not, make adjustments to the sprinkler heads so that they cover the landscape that you want covered and not the driveway, walkway, patio, or deck areas of your yard. Also, make sure the spray is not blocked by overgrown brush or other plants that might need to be pruned.

Clean any clogged sprinkler heads or nozzles. During the winter time debris is blown around and heavy rains create mud. Sprinkler heads can easily become corroded and clogged, disrupting the spray pattern.

To save money and water, install a rain sensor. These little gadgets are designed to shut your sprinkler system off when the rainfall reaches a certain amount. Once the moisture level is back to normal the sprinkler system re-engages and resumes the schedule it is programmed for.

A sprinkler system is a convenient and easy way to keep your yard looking green and healthy. But, they are an investment that should be protected. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your sprinkler system working at its best.



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