Rocks and Boulders for your Yard

rocks-bouldersProfessional landscapers know the key to creating an outdoor paradise is incorporating as many natural elements as possible. Strategically placed plants and shrubs are a given for almost any yard design, but stones are another trendy feature of Mother Nature that should be used. Many homeowners feel compelled to situate rocks in gardens or outdoor areas where there are plenty of pieces.

Stone for Style
Keep in mind, however, that they are not just accent pieces. In the right setting, a boulder can give your home the curb appeal boost it needs. The best part about stone is that you do not need to do anything to maintain this effect. Selection and installation is the hardest aspect of the design, especially if you wish to outfit your front or backyard with multiple boulders.

Always remember to have a helping hand when delivering or moving rock. For large-scale projects that require more than one piece, it is wise to hire an expert landscaping contractor to handle these operations. Considering the fact that a medium-sized stone can weight upwards of 400-500 pounds, safety should always come first!

Boulder Placement Tips
Have you ever noticed that rocks tend to be placed at the corners of properties? This is no coincidence. Given their eye-catching appeal, rocks installed at yard boundary lines automatically force onlookers to gaze across the landscape.

Putting multiple stones together is a popular idea as well, but group them in odd numbers and avoid making straight lines. In addition, size and shape variations among the rocks will prevent the design from coming off as forced. The more natural the appearance, the better your yard is going to look.

If your yard is located in a low-lying area and soil erosion has become a problem for gardening and plant life, boulders grouped near one another can remedy the issue. This will slow the flow of the groundwater, and allow you to put vegetation in regions of your yard that were impossible before.

Want to learn more about how rocks can increase your landscape’s appeal? Contact Bumgardner’s Landscaping today for more information!

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