Reduce Landscape Water Requirements

Benefits of landscaping include improved air quality, erosion prevention, increased property values, and a more beautiful space. However, this value does come at a cost. Landscaping has higher water requirements that counter your goals to reduce your water consumption. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce your water usage even with immaculate landscaping.

Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system provides water to plants through artificial canals, ditches, drippers, or sprinklers when rainfall does not provide enough. There are different systems available to meet your landscaping needs, such as surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and blended systems. An effective irrigation system can reduce water use through less runoff, decreasing evaporation, and seasonally controlling the amount of water used.

After an irrigation system is put in place, it must be properly maintained to keep the water reduction benefits. Clogged drip emitters or damaged or blocked sprinkler heads will lower the irrigation system’s functionality and increase water use.

Plant Choice and Care

Plant choice dictates how much water your landscaping will require to flourish. Choose plants that will grow well in the climate of your region that also have low water requirements. Group plants with similar water requirements together. Removing weeds from your landscaping also prevents the removal of valuable water and nutrients that should be going to your plants.

Once your plants are in place, only prune them when necessary. Over pruning can result in the loss of branches and leaves that provide shade for the root system. This can increase the evaporation rate of water from the soil. A flush of new growth will also occur at the pruning site, requiring more water to support the new emergence. The open wounds from pruning cause water to evaporate from the plant as well.

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Though the methods described above will dramatically reduce the water requirements for your landscaping, you may need some assistance to get everything set up. For more information on creating your eco-friendly landscape oasis, get in touch with us today!