Protecting Your Commercial Property Against Snow Mold

You want your commercial property to look great year-round. In the winter months, you can only do so much to protect your grass from damage. Most grass damage is only temporary. It is normal for most grasses to become dormant in the winter, which can take away their lush green look. As snow begins to melt, you can better assess the condition of your property’s lawn. One thing you want to keep an eye out for is patches of grass that appear pink, white, or grey in color. This is caused by fungi often referred to as snow mold. 

What Can I Do to Prevent Snow Mold?

Lawn health is important for many commercial property owners who want to ensure that their business has the best curb appeal possible. Lawn health is even more important to places that heavily rely on the appearance of their lawn, such as golf courses and outdoor dining locations. 

Snow mold is present in the soil year-round, making pre-snow treatment important. As we start to near the warmer spring months, you’ll have the opportunity to check if snow mold is an issue for your business. If you fear you are currently experiencing snow mold, there isn’t much you can do besides wait it out, tend to the areas in the spring, and do what you can to be better prepared for next winter. Prevention can include mowing your lawn short before winter, dethatching multiple times a year, and applying preventive fungicide.

Let Us Help

Maintaining a commercial property requires a lot of work. When it comes to your lawn care needs, you can trust in the professionals at Bumgardners Landscape. We can help treat your snow mold issues, preventing it from affecting your lawn in the future. Contact us to learn more of how we can help.