Problems Fall Leaves Cause in Medford, Oregon

Why Invest in Leaf Removal Services?

Leaves are a quintessential part of fall. In Medford, Oregon, they turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red. Then they fall, turn brown, and create major issues for property owners. If you live on a lot with several trees, you understand the headaches leaves can cause. Consider just a few of the most popular reasons homeowners invest in fall leaf removal services from Bumgardners Landscape:

  1. Leaves create moisture issues. Dead leaves trap moisture in gutters, on roofs, and around homes. They prevent gutters from working effectively and can create clogs in drainage pipes. If left unaddressed, they will start to decompose and contribute to serious mold issues within the home.
  2. They contribute to fall allergies. Leaves and DIY leaf removal can stir up mold and other harmful substances that can exacerbate fall allergies and cause respiratory problems. For some, DIY raking or leaf blowing is not an option.
  3. They are slippery. Wet leaves along sidewalks and driveways can create slipping hazards. Like black ice, leaves seem unassuming but can cause anyone to slip and fall. Consider leaf removal services to keep slick, wet leaves off stairs, walkways, driveways, and patios.
  4. They can harm your landscaping. Layers of leaves can suffocate lawns and stain concrete. They can give rise to mold, disease, and other imbalances within your landscape. Unless leaves fall directly into a compost bed, they offer no benefit to your yard.
  5. They are unsightly. Leaves can give a yard an unfinished and messy look. If you want visitors to recognize the beauty in your winter lawn, you may need to invest in routine leaf removal services during the fall season.

When leaves cause problems, Bumgardners Landscape is here to help. We offer routine fall leaf removal services to keep your yard looking clean and vibrant all season long. Call us today at (541) 826-7713 to schedule leaf removal and other fall maintenance services.





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