Preventing Pests Through Landscaping

Having a beautiful landscape provides a sense of pride. It adds appeal to your property, making it look amazing for yourself and all those who pass by. However, one thing you’ll notice is that you’ll find yourself in what seems like an endless battle against bugs, insects, and other pests. While this can be frustrating, you don’t have to settle for dealing with pests every year. There are several solutions that smart landscaping can provide to keep pests at bay.

Plant Insect-Repelling Plants

The more you can utilize the benefits of natural solutions, the better. Numerous different plants add beauty to your landscape while also repelling unwanted pests. Options include lavender, petunias, marigolds, and chrysanthemums. You’ll also want to avoid planting flowers and other plants that tend to attract pests. Knowing what plants are naturally attractive, and repellent to pests can help you minimize your pest problem.

Keep Plants Trim

Trimming plants and shrubs does much more than just keeping your landscape looking beautiful. It also helps to minimize your pest problem. Plants naturally add food and shelter for bugs. Cutting back on excess growth can help keep pests from taking over your landscaping. It is also beneficial for keeping your plants as healthy as possible.

Mow Lawn Regularly

Tall grass provides the perfect place for insects to hide and reproduce. Keeping your grass short forces pests to find somewhere else to settle down. Mowing frequently also helps keep your landscape always looking its best.

Let Us Handle It

At Bumgardners Landscape, we have the knowledge and experience to keep unwanted pests away from your yard. We can provide services, as well as expert advice to minimize your risk of unwanted pests finding making their home in your landscape. Contact us to learn more about keeping pests away.