Popular Winter Landscaping Projects

Landscaping in the winter?

winter berry bush landscape designsMany people do not usually warm up to the idea, and given the choice of either working in the freezing temperature outside or sipping hot chocolate in the warm and cozy living room, it is quite evident that many would go for the latter. However, just in case you’re bored lying in the sofa and watching TV all day, then here are some great winter landscaping projects that you may want to consider.

Adding New Greens

It may seem like a bad idea to add fresh greenery to your landscape at this time of the year, but not necessarily so. In fact, there are plants that thrive well during winter, and can add a nice speck of green here and there to your otherwise white, dull and icy landscape. Some of the most popular choices for many include hollies like Christmas Holly and Winterberry, as well as Yew shrubs and Birch trees.

Brighten It Up with Lighting

Winter time comes with shorter daylights and extended darkness, which makes it the perfect time to install some outdoor lighting to your lawn or garden. Outdoor lights can add degrees of dramatic effects to your landscape. You can use them to highlight your landscape’s assets and features like statues and fountains, or flood the whole landscape with brightness using fog lights. Besides, it’s the holidays, and you are bound to have friends and family over, and additional lighting can make your house look cheerful and more welcoming. Do keep in mind that since this is winter and that water and electricity don’t mix, you should contact a professional landscaper and electrician to help you with this project.

Outdoor Installations

Don’t let the cold weather hinder you from pursuing your landscaping project, especially having outdoor fixtures installed. Yes, there are landscapers who can and will work on your outdoor landscaping projects even at this time of the year using a tarp to protect themselves and their work. So if you’re thinking of having an outdoor kitchen built, stonework, masonry or any custom carpentry done, then don’t hesitate to contact your landscaper. Besides, not many people are having their landscapes done in winter so you can be almost always sure that landscapers will be very much available to accommodate your requests. Since bigger projects require a lot of time to complete, now would be a great time to get started on them so they’ll be ready when spring and summer comes around.

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