Why You Should Plant New Trees This Fall

Plant Landscaping Trees in Medford, Oregon, this Autumn

As the weather cools off and property owners head indoors, you may begin thinking about spring landscaping plans. Fall is the perfect time to cut back brush and prepare your property for another year of outdoor fun. Here’s why you should consider planting new trees during colder weather:

  1. Mid-Fall Conditions Are Perfect for Transplants

When you plant new trees, the right conditions can help a plant adjust to its new environment. In Oregon, October is the perfect month for planting. The weather is damp or wet and mild. Trees can adjust without exposure to extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Consider adding a beautiful Oregon white oak, birch, cedar, or hemlock tree to your yard during the month of October.

  1. Plants Enter a Dormant Period During Fall

The weather isn’t the only reason fall is the perfect time for planting. When the weather changes, plants begin pulling their energy away from their limbs and into the roots to store enough nutrients for winter. During fall, many trees don’t need as much water, and they can recover from the shock of a transplant more quickly.

This root-focused development period also allows new plantings to establish a strong root system over the winter season. When spring arrives, your new trees will be ready for the warmer weather ahead.

  1. Fall Planting Is Refreshing

Planting trees in the fall is good for plants, but it’s also good for people. Whether you plant the tree yourself or work with a reputable landscaping crew, the project will give you a reason to step out into thefresh air and enjoy the beauty of southern Oregon.

Update Your Yard with Trees This Fall

If you’re contemplating some new trees for your yard, now is the time to plant. Reach out to the landscaping professionals at Bumgardners Landscape for tree selection advice, planting services, and year-round maintenance. We can help you build the yard you’ve always wanted. For more information about fall planting in Medford, Oregon, call us at (541) 826-7713.









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