Outdoor Kitchen 101: Ideas for an Exterior Eatery

outdoor kitchenBackyard cookouts and get-togethers are some of the most enjoyable activities that friends and families can enjoy. However, if you are hosting the cookout, then you may have already experienced how exhausting it can be to run back and forth from the kitchen and backyard just to get the barbeque sauce or a cold bottle of beer – well not unless you have an outdoor kitchen, that is.

When it comes to building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, there are certain things that you need to consider.

Building a Satellite Kitchen
For one, you need to consider what cooking and dining amenities you would like to have installed in your outdoor kitchen as this will make food preparation easier and faster. You can have sinks and water taps installed, counters, and even an outdoor oven and grill. Some people even have mini-fridges installed, and some drawers and cabinets, too.

Entertainment Area
Many people love talking to their guests as they get the food ready, which is why it is also a good idea to have an area where you can entertain your guests without having to be shouting from the kitchen. Thus, it would be nice to have a bar top and several bar stools installed, especially if the dining table is quite far from your grill.

Outdoor Shades
In order to keep the elements from ruining your meal, you should also consider having shades installed over your outdoor kitchen and dining area. You can have pergolas built, or have shade sails installed. They may seem quite expensive, but you’d be thankful to have them during hot summer lunches or gloomy afternoon tea parties.

You also need to think about the materials that you want to use when it comes to building your outdoor kitchen and eatery. There are different types of materials available, from wood, concrete, metal, and stainless steel. Of all these, concrete and stainless steel are quite popular because of their resistance to weather elements, especially in places where small drizzles are rains are somewhat frequent.

Having an outdoor kitchen is a great way of extending your home’s interiors to the outdoors, and keeping the above tips in mind will not only help you to create the perfect outdoor dining experience for you and your guests but also help to add more life to your backyard.

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