Landscaping Is Raising Commercial Property Value and Enhancing Security

Medford, OR Commercial Landscape

As important as curbside appeal is, professional landscaping is about even more than mere aesthetic appearances. A business in a location with well-kept grounds is pleasing to the eye, and it also can help keep a community safe. Properties that are well cared for and professionally landscaped also tend to have a higher property value, too.

How to Ensure Safety

If a business’s grounds appear to be unmaintained or not well taken care of, not only are they an eye-sore for the community, but they may become an attractive target for vandals. After hours, their neglected appearance may make them look as if they would be easy to break into. Thus, their run-down appearance can attract thieves. 

But a business with professionally landscaped grounds can help reduce the risk of crime. Vandals are less likely to come out with their cans of spray paint if they see that a property is being well tended to and that its grounds are being cared for by somebody. 

On the Right Path

Landscaping can also be used to set up clear and well-lit pathways for a business’ customers to walk along. The risk of somebody tripping and falling is greatly reduced when they have a clear pathway for entering and exiting.

Creating Barriers

Just as landscaping can be used both to establish welcoming pathways and to enhance the property’s visual appeal, it can also be used as a method to restrict any unwanted access. For example, bushes or hedges that are planted under a window can be beautiful to look at, and if they also have thorns or sharp edges, then that can also halt any would-be robber.

Landscaping Increases Property Value

A commercial property with obviously well-cared-for-lawns and grounds will naturally be appealing to passersby. And it will also likely have more foot traffic than a business with a yard overrun with weeds. A business that’s hoping to attract customers will want to rent space from a property owner who shows a high level of dedication to and concern for their property and its grounds.

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