Landscaping Errors to Avoid

Landscaping is an important part of owning a business building. The benefits of landscaping are well-known, but it is not as simple as putting in a tree and some flowers. Successful landscaping requires planning and good execution to avoid mistakes that will decrease the worth of your landscaping. Take a look at these landscaping errors to avoid.

Planting Incorrectly

Plants are living organisms that must have their specific needs met to flourish in your landscaping. Incorrect planting can result in slow growth or death. Planting errors include: 

  • Planting too deeply. This can cause root rot and may choke the plant since air cannot reach the root system.
  • Incorrect amounts of sunlight. Some plants have particular sunlight needs and must be planted in an area that supports these needs. Too little sunlight and the plant will not grow. Too much sunlight can dilute the plant’s color. In both instances, plant death is possible.
  • Attempting symmetry. Even the same plants grown in a similar location may grow at different rates, especially when they are planted around a building that may affect the amount of sunlight and water each area gets. Planting with the intent of symmetry means much more maintenance on the landscaping.

Over or Under Fertilizing

Fertilizing is vital for maximizing plant growth, but too much fertilizer is harmful to plants. The roots can be burned or desiccated by too much fertilizer, resulting in plant death. Plant growth may also be stunted. Similarly, too little fertilizer means your plants will not grow to their full potential.

Ignoring Wildlife

Your local wildlife should be considered when choosing landscaping plants. Bright, fragrantly blooming flowers can attract deer. Intermixing these desirable plants with bitter-tasting ones will make deer less likely to return after getting a bitter mouthful. Wild rabbits can decimate plants, so your landscaping may require a small fence or chicken wire.

Professional Experience

It’s impossible to consider every mistake when planning your landscape project. Leaning on the expertise and experience of a professional can prevent costly errors that will need to be fixed later. Bumgardners Landscaping has encountered many types of projects, so we can anticipate your needs and what will make your landscaping successful. Contact us today!