Keeping Your Walkway Clear Without Compromising Your Lawn

Commercial property owners have to ensure the safety of everyone who enters or leaves their business. In the winter months, this means ensuring that walkways are clear of any ice or water that could increase the risk of slip-and-falls. Many of the most common solutions involve the use of salt or ice melt products. These products work great to keep your walkways clear, but they can also create significant damage to your surrounding lawn and plant life. It is important to keep your walkways clear without compromising your lawn.

The Harm of De-Icing Products

When used appropriately, most de-icing products won’t necessarily cause significant damage to your surrounding lawn. What often causes issues is the added road salt carried by boots and plows. You also have to factor in the build-up over time, and how mass melting can cause runoff water that is full of residual chemicals that can negatively impact your lawn. Too much salt can cause plants to die, as well as impact the richness of the soil that helps to ensure your beautiful lawn in the warmer months. 


Coarse sand is a great alternative to traditional methods of using salt or de-icing products. The irregular grains of sand grip the icy surface and provide traction. When your snow melts away, this sand will not harm your surrounding grass and plants. Consistent maintenance such as shoveling and clearing chunks of ice can also help minimize your need for the excessive salt or de-icing products.

Turn to the Professionals

Bumgardner’s Landscape is available to help with all aspects of your commercial properties long-term care. No matter what season, we can help ensure that your lawn will always be looking its best. You may also request a quote online on any service you may need to keep your landscape beautiful. Contact us with any questions or concerns about your winter lawn care.