Keep Your Oregon Business Looking Great This Winter

Winter Berries

No one wants to think about landscaping during the winter months, but there are a few things you can do to keep your business looking great, even when the trees are bare and flowers aren’t blooming. If you want to maintain a space  that adds to your curb appeal over the winter months, keep these winter landscaping tips in mind.

  • Consider using perennials. There are many perennials available that have evergreen foliage that looks beautiful all year long. Include some of these ornamental shrubs and grasses in your landscaping design for an attractive, low-maintenance look all winter long.
  • Include evergreen boughs in your planters. Window boxes and various other planters that you maintain during the summer months can be decorated with rhododendron and other types of evergreen boughs in the winter to add visual appeal when the growing season is over.
  • Include evergreen plants and those with berries in your landscaping. One of the easiest ways to keep your gardens looking lovely all year long is to add evergreen trees and shrubs that produce berries in the winter months. These garden features will keep your business looking lovely, during those times you don’t want to be out gardening.
  • Choose trees with attractive bark. One of the best ways to add texture and flair to your winter gardens is to plant trees with unique, beautiful bark, even when they shed their leaves. This simple hack will contribute to the look of your landscape throughout the year.

If you need any help with your winter landscaping, reach out to the pros at Bumgardner’s Landscape today. There are various ways to help you maintain a beautiful landscape during the coldest time of the year. Call us at (541) 826-7713 to find out how we can assist you this winter.